1.5 Supplement Use in School Sport

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Transcript 1.5 Supplement Use in School Sport

Supplement Use, Doping & Youth Sport
Zero Tolerance
Kore kātakí
The Torch
Te rama
The Target
Te ūnga
What we will look at today
Aha e titiro tatou I tenei ra
Adolescent supplement use in NZ
Why this is of concern
What DFSNZ is doing about this
Adolescent supplement use in NZ
+70% of players are using more +4 supplements p/week
80% of players have NOT received education
90% of players are concerned about safety of supplements
2 players admitted using banned substances
1. Curtis, A., Burt, P., & Gerrard, P. (2014)
The most influential people to youth on supplements, drugs &
Friends / Team mates
Curtis, A., Burt, P., & Gerrard, P. (2014)
Higher risk times for supplement use & doping
Peak events
Curtis, A., Burt, P., & Gerrard, P. (2014)
Personal stress
Transition stages
Why do adolescent’s use supplements?
1. To increase size
2. To improve performance
3. To enhance appearance
Why is this of concern?
Risks to athlete health
2016 Supplement Survey (Australia):
67 supplements tested
19% of these tested positive for banned substances
The presence of unlabelled stimulants at such elevated levels not only
poses a significant risk of an athlete failing a doping test, but also
has the potential to cause serious health problems.
Bought overseas
Higher risk supplements
Tāpiringa mōrearea tiketike
Weight loss
Muscle builders
• Supplement use has been found to increase likelihood of doping
The Gateway Theory
• Increased social acceptability of supplement use
2. Kandel (2002)
• If others are using supplements (and/or doping) = higher
likelihood of athletes following suite:
‘The False Consensus Effect’
• Increased perception of pressure to win / succeed
3. Petroczi, Mazanov, Nepusz, Backhouse & Naughton (2008)
Inadvertent positive drug test risks
Use of a contaminated supplement can lead to a positive
test AND a ban from all sport
In some years 25% of NZ’s ADRV’s due to supplement use
What DFSNZ is doing about this
Delivery of free secondary school / academy education
To support & educate young athletes & support personnel
Values based education approach to:
Clean sport
The spirit of sport
Decision making
Supplement risks
Moral sporting behaviour
Education methods*
• Workshops - to performing athletes & support personnel
• E-learning - learning at users own pace & checks for understanding
• Specific written materials for athletes, support personnel & schools
• 24/7 medication and supplement checking services
*All DFSNZ Education services are free of charge
Clean Sport Workshops
• Request education services at www.drugfreesport.org.nz
• Call 0800 DRUG FREE
• [email protected]
Adolescence use of supplement use is increasing
The pressures placed on youth athletes is real and can
influence decisions
The NZ Sports Anti-doping Rules apply to all athletes
& support personnel
Recap Hokinga mahara
DFSNZ provide education services to all schools & sports, free of charge
DFSNZ is currently taking requests for education workshops
Alongside other sporting organisations, DFSNZ advocates youth take a food first approach
Thank you 
0800 DRUG FREE (378 437)
Text 4365
[email protected]