Lance Gardner

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Mutuals Forum
November 2012
Lance Gardner MBE
Chief Executive Care Plus Group
Care Plus Group
• We are a Social Enterprise (since 1 July 2011)
• Fully integrated health and social care provider
• 720 staff [815]
• 50:50 split
• £22million [£23.5 million]
• 156,000 population
Some of our Services
Intermediate tier
Community nursing
Home care
Specialist nursing
Drug and Alcohol intervention programme
Meals on wheels
Day services
Chlamydia screening
“The Provider of Choice”
mission statement
Care Plus Group left the Public Sector to
protect Public Sector Values!
Challenges Being….
..‘perceived’ as…….
Personalisation Versus
Care Plus Group is not a care Society which
serves people, it is a people Society which
provides care.
“A social enterprise is driven by the best interests
of the community. A social entrepreneur will always
be bold, aspirational and ambitious because their
prime purpose is to change the world.”
Penny Newman CEO, Cafedirect Feb 2007