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World Imperialism
Reasons for The Rise of
1. Increased need of raw materials
(Iron ore, coal, rubber, metals, timber,
and chemicals)
2. Increased need of consumers
3. Nationalism – increase power
 Definition: to settle an area or take over its
 Sepoy rebellion (1857-1858) against the “Raj”
(Sepoys were native troops)
India – cont.
 Forced to grow cotton instead of food
 British East India Company
 Positive affects: roads, railroads,
telegraph system, postal service,
schools and peace
 Indian Nationalist Movement
– end Imperialism
Opium wars (1842) – British
flooded China with opium grown in
northeastern India and it became the drug of
choice among Chinese of all classes. (profit –
80%) Trade was illegal and silver left China
faster than it was coming in. (wars that lost
Hong Kong to Britain)
 Open Door Policy in 1898 by U.S.
 Communism – unified China in 1949
 Between 1880 and 1914, there was a
“Scramble for Africa” by the states of Europe.
(later, it backfired)
 Gold and Diamonds were found.
 Berlin conference – to divide up Africa equally
among European nations. They were to agree
on boundary lines and set down rules for
expansion of Africa.
 Boer Wars – 1899 – 1903, between the Dutch
and S. Africa (Boers).
 Commodore Matthew Perry
of America, made open trade
with Japan
 Meiji Restoration
of 1868 – modern age
 Imperialism made Japan
the most industrialized
nation in the world.