Project Alert

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Project Alert
What it’s about
 Why some people use drugs and why
most people don’t
 How to recognize the pressures on
teenagers to use drugs
 How to resist these pressures
Decision making
 What are some decisions you make for
yourself now?
Ground Rules
 No put-downs, be respectful
 Everyone try to participate
 Confidentiality
 No personal identification of sensitive
information. No names with stories
 If you discuss what was said in class you
may not use names.
Teacher Ground Rules
 Respect
 I will listen carefully to what you have to say and
treat all responses with respect.
 Inclusion
 I will encourage all students to participate.
 Confidentiality
 I will keep things I hear in class private unless I
believe there is a threat to someone’s safety.
 Mandated reporter
Four groups
 Group 1: Reasons why people smoke
cigarettes - BLUE
 Group 2. Reasons not to smoke
cigarettes - RED
 Group 3: Reasons why people use
marijuana - BLUE
 Group 4: Reasons not to use marijuana RED
Compare lists
 Which reasons are true for why people
use alcohol and marijuana?
 Which reasons for not using marijuana
are also true for not using alcohol?
 What are some of the reasons the teens
gave for why people start using
 Is this also true for drinking?
What to expect next:
 During Project ALERT, we’ll be talking
more about reasons not to use drugs.
We’ll also be learning skills that will help
you resist the pressures to use them.
Test your Drug IQ
 What do you already know?
 Homework:
 Give Project ALERT letter to parent/guardian
 Give the Drug IQ test to a parent or guardian
and compare your answers.