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Virtual Reality
Master File
Richard M. Satava, MD FACS
Professor of Surgery
University of Washington School of Medicine
Program Manager, Advanced Biomedical Technologies
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)
Special Assistant, Advance Medical Technologies
US Army Medical Research and Materiel Command
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Air Force 1 - refit
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Current Visions
“The Future is here …
. . . it’s the Information Age”
If Telemedicine were …
In every home, school, workplace desktop, mall, airport, etc
Ultra-bandwidth, continuous access, at no cost, etc
… then what is the next step?
Disruptive Visions
“The Future is not what it used to be”
….Yogi Berra
Total body-scan for total diagnosis
From visible human to virtual human
March, 2002
Virtual Soldier Scan
What if we could . . .
•Predict the performance of each soldier under
a thousand different scenarios/stresses
• Instantly and automatically accurately diagnose
every internal combat injury
•Determine the potential of hundreds of
equipment, drug, training, etc. enhancements
•Estimate the effects of wounding of every
type of weapon under every situation
•Perform clinical trials for a vaccine on a
million soldiers over 20 years time – in one week
…. just for starters
Figure 4 Scott Fisher wearing one of the first head mounted displays at
the NASA Ames Research Center virtual reality laboratory – ca 1985.
(Courtesy of Dr. Scott Fisher, PhD, Telepresence Research, Inc., Palo Alto, CA)
Information Age Technologies
Digital imaging (CT, MRI, ultrasound, etc)
Remote and biologic sensors
Micro-machines / micro-robots
Human interface technology
Virtual reality
Artificial intelligence
Full System
ENT Sinusoscopy Simulator
Lockheed Martin 1999
Anastomosis Simulator
Marc Raibert, BDInc, 1998
Virtual Emergency Room
Courtesy Suzanne Weghorst, HIT Lab, Univ Washington. 1994
The Challenge
To understand the fundamental
change the Information Age is
bringing to Healthcare
SATAVA 7 July, 1999
The Digital Interface
The point at which
human, machine and
information interact
Color Virtual Retinal Display
Courtesy Tom Furness,
HIT Lab, Seattle WA
VRD as a personal eyewear display
Courtesy Tom Furness,
HIT Lab, Seattle WA
Courtesy Elumens, Inc
Real and virtual colonoscopy - Transverse colon polyp
Virtual Barium Enema
Courtesy James Brink, Yale University, 2001
Pre-operative planning and surgical rehearsal
3-D Modeling of the Liver
Jacques Marescaux EITS, Strasbourg, France
Next Generation Innner Ear
Courtesy Dr. Jonathan Silverstein, Univ Illinois, Chicago, 2000
An example of multi-disciplinary research
From visible human to virtual human
March, 2000