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College Bound Scholarship
Tutorial To Run
Scholarship Applications
Using Mail Merge
Programs Used: Citrix/Skyward and
Microsoft Office 2003
Tutorial by Alaina Queen
Mountain View Middle School
Bremerton, WA
(360) 473-0707
Step 1-Data Mining Report
Begin by creating a report in Student Data Mining that
includes all the information needed in the report.
Information Fields Needed:
Student First Name
Student Middle Name
Student Last Name
Birth Date
The applications will print by
whatever sort order you have in
Social Security Number
your report. If you would like
Guardian First Name
your applications sorted by
Guardian Middle Name
Advisor, add the Advisor field,
Guardian Last Name
then click the pink arrow in the
middle of the screen to add it to
2nd Phone
your sort order.
Mailing Address (one line)
Email Address
Current F/R Reason
note: set ranges from 1 to ZZZ on Current F/R Reason to only report
on students that are eligible for this scholarship.
All other information fields should have default ranges.
Step 2-Microsoft Excel
• Run the Data Mining Report to Excel.
• Copy the Excel Report.
• Open Microsoft Office Excel 2003 on your computer’s
– (not in the WRDC Wise Desktop)
• Paste the report into Excel.
• Save and close the document.
Step 3-Microsoft Word
• Open the Scholarship Application in Microsoft Word 2003:
– Select No when this box pops up:
• Go to Tools>Letters and Mailings>Mail Merge
– A toolbar will open up to the right of your screen.
Step 3-Microsoft Word Continued
• “Letters” is automatically selected.
– Click “Next: Starting Document”
• “Use Current Document” is selected.
– Click “Next: Select Recipients”
• “Use and existing list” is selected.
– Click “Browse…”
– Find your list that you made in Excel
• Click “Open”
• Click “OK”
• If you want to run it for all students on your list, click “OK”
– If you only want to do it for some of the students on the list, use
the checkboxes to the left of the students names to
select/deselect them, then click “OK”
– Click “Next: Write your letter”
Step 3-Microsoft Word Continued
• I have already added in all the merge fields for you, but if
you have more to add, do it by selecting the area you
would like the item, then click “more items” from the mail
merge toolbar and select the field(s) you would like to
– Note: if the headers in your Excel document are not named
exactly the same as the field name within the << >> in the
College Bound Application document, the merge won’t work.
You can change the text within the << >> to match your
document, but it must be exact.
• Scroll down to the line that states “Name of school:” and
complete it.
• The box next to “What grade are you in?” is checked for
8th Grade. Change this if you are printing 7th grade
applications by cutting and pasting the two boxes.
• Click “Next: Preview your letters”
Step 3-Microsoft Word Continued
• If everything worked, you should see student data for the
first student on your list.
• Click “Next: Complete the merge”
• Click “Edit Individual Letters”
• Click “OK”
• Your computer may need a moment to think about this
• You should now have a document that has 2 pages for
every student. Review this document to make sure all
information merged correctly.
• Print this document to your copier, make sure you select
– See your tech person if you don’t know how to do this part as
most copiers are different.
You Did it!