College Bound Scholarship

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College Bound Scholarship
Tutorial To Run
Scholarship Applications
Using Mail Merge
Programs Used: Skyward and
Microsoft Office 2010
Instructions are similar in Microsoft
Office 2007, but some titles may be
slightly different.
Tutorial by Alaina Queen
Mountain View Middle School
Bremerton, WA
(360) 473-0630
Step 1-Data Mining Report
Begin by creating a report in Student Data Mining that
includes all the information needed in the report.
Information Fields Needed:
Student First Name
Student Middle Name
Student Last Name
Birth Date
Social Security Number
Guardian First Name
Guardian Middle Name
Guardian Last Name
2nd Phone
Mailing Address (one line)
Email Address
You may import my layout by
saving this:
on your computer. Then, click
Import Layout on the bottom of
the right side of your Data
Mining Screen. Name your
report. Click Browse and find the
document you just saved. Click
Open, then Import.
Step 2-Microsoft Excel
• Run the Data Mining Report to Excel.
• Delete any rows containing students that are not eligible.
• Save and close the document.
Step 3-Microsoft Word
• Open the Attached Scholarship Application in Microsoft Word.
– Select No when this box pops up:
• Save this file to your computer.
Step 3-Microsoft Word Continued
• Click the “Mailings” tab.
• Click “Select Recipients”
• Click “Use Existing List”
– Click “Browse…”
– Find your list that you made in Excel
• Click “Open”
• Click “OK”
Step 3-Microsoft Word Continued
• I have already added in all the merge fields for you, but if
you have more to add, do it by clicking “Insert Merge
Field” and clicking on the field(s) you want to add.
– Note: if the headers in your Excel document are not named
exactly the same as the field name within the << >> in the
College Bound Application document, the merge won’t work.
You can change the text within the << >> to match your
document, but it must be exact.
• Scroll down to the line that states “Name of school:”
and complete it.
• Click “Preview Results”
– If everything worked, you should see student data for the first
student on your list.
Step 3-Microsoft Word Continued
Click “Finish and Merge”
Click “Edit Individual Documents”
Click “OK”
Your computer may need a moment to think about this
• You should now have a document that has 2 pages for
every student. Review this document to make sure all
information merged correctly.
• Print this document to your copier, make sure you select
– See your tech person if you don’t know how to do this part as
most copiers are different.
You Did it!
Feel free to give me a call for
assistance. I can also help if
you have Office 2003.
Here is a link to the Microsoft
Help article on using Mail
Merge in Office 2007:
Alaina Queen
(360) 473-0630
[email protected]