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Data Mining
What are Data Mining Tools?
Data Mining Tools
 Software tools used to query
information in a data warehouse
 Support the concept of OLAP
 Include
 Query-and-Reporting Tools
 Intelligent Agents
 Multidimensional Analysis Tools
Data Mining Tools
 Query-and-Reporting Tools
 Similar to QBE tools, SQL, and report
generators in the typical database
 Most data warehousing environments
support simple and easy-to-use data
manipulation subsystems tools such as
QBE, SQL, and report generators
Data Mining Tools
 Intelligent Agents
 Utilize various artificial intelligence tools
such as
 Neural networks
 Fuzzy logic
 Multidimensional Analysis Tools
 Are slice-and-dice techniques that allow
you to view multidimensional information
from different perspectives
Politically Correct Data Mining
 Team Work Exercise
 Class work