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——Festival Celebrations
In China
Lunar calendar festival
• 农历正月初一 春节(the Spring Festival)
• 农历正月十五 元宵节(Lantern Festival)
• 农历五月初五 端午节(the Dragon-Boat Festival)
• 农历七月初七 七夕节 (Double-Seventh Day)
• 农历八月十五 中秋节(the Mid-Autumn Festival)
• 农历九月初九 重阳节(the Double Ninth festival)
the Spring Festival
• The Spring Festival is the most important
festival for the Chinese people and is
when all family members get together, just
like Christmas in the West.
• People will say
goodbye to the
previous year
and welcome
the new year.
Main celebration:
Year-end family reunion dinner
Set off fireworks
the Dragon-Boat Festival
• There are many legends about the
evolution of the festival, the most
popular of which is in
commemoration of Qu Yuan .
• Dragon boat racing is an
indispensable part of the festival,
held all over the country .
• Zongzi is an essential food of the
Dragon Boat Festival.
They use the lotus
leaves to wrap the
• Dragon boat racing is
quite spectacle,with
drug beating,colorful
flags waving,and
thousands of people
cheering on both sides
of the river.
• On Dragon Boat Festival, parents
also need to dress their children up
with a perfume pouch. They first sew
little bags with colorful silk cloth,
then fill the bags with perfumes or
herbal medicines, and finally string
them with silk threads. The perfume
pouch will be hung around the neck
or tied to the front of a garment as
an ornament. They are said to be
able to ward off evil .
the Mid-Autumn Festival
• The moon looks extremely round, big
and bright on the 15th day of each
lunar month. On the Mid-Autumn
Festival, all family members or
friends meet outside, putting food on
tables and looking up at the sky
while talking about life.
• people will enjoy the full moon
and eat moon cakes on that day.
Lantern Festival
·Guessing lantern riddles
·eat yuanxiao, or rice
· performances such as a
dragon lantern dance,
a lion dance, a land boat
dance, a yangge dance
·spare some fireworks
Double-Seventh Day
All Shall be well,Jack Shall have
Jill. 有情人终成眷属。