Washington Drug & Alcohol Commission, Inc.

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Transcript Washington Drug & Alcohol Commission, Inc.

Community Prevention
FY 2014/2015
To encourage and assist county residents
to develop lifestyles free of alcohol,
tobacco and other drugs
Educate our community on the dangers
of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.
Any established community
organization or school districts
providing services in Washington
All projects, services or activities proposed must
be directly related to one of the following:
► Driving under the influence
► Prescription drug abuse
► Marijuana use
Both educational and alternative activity projects
are encouraged
Candidates are expected to have
demonstrated success via past
performance in the areas of
program and service delivery for
which they are seeking funding
Proposing organizations must be
able to demonstrate the need for
the service and the agency’s ability
to fill those needs
Cost is not the sole determinate, but
will be considered as one of the
evaluating criteria
Total dollar amount requested can not
exceed the allowance of $2,000.
You will be required to return any
unspent money over $50.00
Ongoing projects are preferred to
single events
Single events would need to show
how future funding would be
secured to ensure the continuation
of the project
All proposals must be completed
in the format given.
Original proposal and four copies
must be returned to this office by
4:30 PM on Monday October 13,
List all supplies that are to be purchased
with this grant. No computers, DVD’s,
Etc. can be purchased with the funds.
List other costs as well. Funds cannot be
used to pay for salaries or for the use of gift
Attach the most recent agency audit if
Pregnant Women
Women with Children
Multi-diagnosed Client
Proposals are due to this office Monday, October 13,
2014 no later than 4:30 pm. Please email to
[email protected] and mail one signed copy to
Washington Drug and Alcohol Commission, 90 W.
Chestnut Street, 3rd Floor, Washington PA 15301
Notification of Grant Awards - Monday October 20,
Checks in the mail – the week of October 27, 2014
Final reports due in this office before June 30, 2015
Follow the format and forms included for the
final report on the mini-grant.
Final reports on the mini-grant will be due in
this office before June 30, 2014
All original receipts must accompany the
Barb Mundell O’Hara
[email protected]
724-223-1181 x113