Blocviroc - a unique treatment for HIV/AIDS

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Transcript Blocviroc - a unique treatment for HIV/AIDS

Blocviroc – an innovative
treatment for HIV/AIDS
Steve English
Development Head, Antivirals
The Context
• HIV/AIDs is the world’s greatest threat to
human health
• Over 40 million people are infected
• There is no known cure. Treatments have
improved but there are still problems with
virus resistance and patient adherence
• Blocviroc is a novel treatment and patients
would take one pill per day
Mode of Action
• Blocviroc treats the host rather than
attacking the virus
• It binds to two receptors on the surface of
human immune cells known as T-cells
• It prevents the virus entering the cell
• Blocviroc is more effective than existing
CCR5 antagonist
Human immune cell surface
Phase II Trials
• Excellent results.
• In just two weeks viral count dropped by
90% in volunteer patients
• Only minor side effects
• On stopping treatment, the viral count did
not rise immediately
Phase III Trials
• Expensive – around $500 million
• 5,000 volunteers needed from all around
the world
• Three year study
• Risks:
– Similar compounds have caused liver damage
– Not sure of the long-term effect of interfering
with the immune system
– A competitor might discover a vaccine
Market Considerations
• Not going to be a blockbuster
• Over 2 million people in Europe and North
America have AIDS
• A treatment not a cure – patients will have
to continue with the drug
• Manufacturing Blocviroc will be expensive
• Regulators will look favourably on a new
treatment for HIV