Asia Safe Abortion Partnership (ASAP)

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Transcript Asia Safe Abortion Partnership (ASAP)

Asia Safe Abortion Partnership
Who we are ……….
• ASAP came into existence in March 2008 at the initiative of
ICMA , when 37 participants from 13 countries came together
and decided to create a network. Members include activists,
service providers, lawyers, programme persons among others.
• ASAP is a network that is linking all those who work for
improving access to safe abortion services and who come
from diverse backgrounds and areas of work.
What we have done………..
• Established a googlegroup to disseminate updated
technical information / regular news on abortionrelated issues
• Expanded our network and experience through
international and regional conferences and
• Capacity building w/s for members on understanding
safe abortion as a gender and rights issue
• Conducted a session at the 5th APCRSHR held in
Beijing 2009.
• Completed a Multi country study with legal
• Initiated a Misoprostol Hotline in collaboration with
Women on Web.
• Strategic Planning for 2010-2013
What we hope to do ………..
• Identifying advocacy opportunities and encouraging
strategic interventions.
• Strengthening the documentation of issues related to
safe abortion in Asia by conducting
surveys/operations research.
• Setting up a peer to peer support / exchange visits
for the providers who are new to the method of
medical abortion.
• Capacity building for members to develop advocacy
strategies and action plans
• Strategic mapping and pooling of existing resources
such as technical documents, communication
• Mapping of allies as well as opposition and creating
counter arguments to anti choice propaganda.
Regional Network Caucus
Some new ideas from the RNC….…
• Drug availability documentation across countries
• Set up a midwives network to share experiences
• Partner with youth groups ( for surveys, advocacy …)
• Exchange visits for Ministry officials to see good
examples from other similar countries
Priority issue is fund raising for
sustainability !!