Update on ICANN Carthage

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Transcript Update on ICANN Carthage

Update on ICANN Carthage
(5th Annual Meeting)
Ching Chiao
APTLD Secretariat
[email protected]
ccTLD / ccNSO Meeting
GNSO / gTLD Meeting
Government Advisory Committee (GAC)
At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC)
Major Issues
Wildcard on DNS
Internationalized Domain Name (IDN)
Outreach Activities
 Noteworthy
(after Montreal Meeting)
ccTLD / ccNSO Meeting
Discussion on ICANN ccNSO Bylaw
 Info. Sharing on WSIS, IDN, VoIP, ENUM, WHOIS,
Wildcard Issues
 Special Session on IANA / ISO-3166
 .TN, .KE, .MR, .SN, .ZA presentations
 First AfTLD GA
 Possible Formation of Arabic ccTLD Organization
 First ccNSO Member Meeting Held and Council
Election Method Discussed
 Question on Continuation of Service Provided by the
Current ccTLD Secretariat
GNSO / gTLD Meeting
com, net, org, biz, info, aero, coop,
museum, pro, name
 3 reps. per constituency to the Council (2
suppliers and 4 users const.)
 WHOIS Task Force
 New TLD Evaluation Criteria
 gTLD Name Deletion Policy
ccTLD Policies
Delegation and re-Delegation
 ccNSO Formation
 Agree to Update GAC ccTLD Principle
WIPO II Implementation Task Force
 WHOIS Data
 IPv6 Workshop
 Consideration on Updating Structure,
Organization and Financing
Roadmap of 5 Regional At-Large
Organizations (RALO)
 Inviting At-Large Structure (ALS) to join
Major Issue (1) -- WHOIS
Discussion (in Montreal) on Priority and
 GNSO WHOIS Task Force Setup for
Data Mining, Privacy, and Bulk Access
 Workshop for IDN WHOIS Environment,
WHOIS Data Element Review, User
Classification, etc.
 More Ongoing Work Next Year
Major Issue (2) -- Wildcard
Wildcard: ”*” , “?”
 Public Discussion on Verisign SiteFinder
(launched on mid-Sept., suspended on
Oct. 4th) prior to and during the
Carthage Meeting
 Commercial Use of Wildcard on DNS
 ccTLD Use of Wildcard
 Issues of Stability and Security
Major Issue (3) -- IDN
4 RFCs
 Moving Tech. Standard to Desktop App.
 IDN Registration and Dispute Policy
 Difference of gTLD vs. ccTLD on IDN
 MINC’s Role on Arabic Domain Name
Outreach Activities
GAC Arab and African Workshop
 ccTLD Name Server Training
 ALAC Arab Outreach Activities
ICANN as a pre-event of WSIS 2005 in
 Voice from Internet Users in African /
Arabic region
 Hospitality of Tunisian Internet Agency
 ICANN 2003: Year of Reform
Next Year
2-6 March in Rome, Italy
19-23 June in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
1-5 December in Cape Town, South Africa