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Personalizing the Web
Todd Lanning
Project 1 - Presentation
CSE 8331
Dr. M. Dunham
A Little Motivation
• Size of the Web
• Equal Proximity
• Shift in Internet usage (once academic focus)
• Define Web personalization
• Why a personalized Web would help
• Details of online personalization
A Better Definition
• A word from the experts.
• Adaptable vs. Adaptive
• Producers and Consumers-what does
personalization mean to each (apps)
The details – 2 phase personalized view
And the experts say…
• “Any action that tailors the Web experience to
a particular user, or a set of users.” [1]
The process of personalization includes
gathering and storing information, analyzing
that information, and based on that analysis,
presenting a modified view to each visitor at
the right time. [2]
Process, not just a presentation.
Adaptable or Adaptive?
Adaptable – Systems which allow the
modification of certain parameters by the
Adaptive – Systems which adapt themselves
automatically to current user needs or
perceived requirements, create an
appropriate environment for the user, or
modify a user’s experience. [3]
Producers and Consumers
• Producers
• Marketing
• Security
• Usability
• Consumers
• Expectations
• Efficiency
• Selective Presentation
2 Phases of Personalization
Not collecting user input, where does the
data come from?
Is data all we need?
Entire Process
1) Gathering & storing information
2) Analyzing information
3) Present modified view
Offline Preparation
• Collaborative Filtering
• Web Content Mining & Structure Mining
• Web Usage Mining
• Human Foraging Theory
Online Presentation
• Site Map
• Information Flow
• Prefetching
• Recommendation Engine
• Defined personalization
• Interest for producers and consumers.
• Offline & Online phases
• Personalization is here to stay.
• Machine learning and Intelligent Systems
• Integrated Internet
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