Data preparation for data mining

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Transcript Data preparation for data mining

Data preparation for data mining
4 credits
Data mining
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Data preparation
Transforming (ie. fixing) of raw data into
form suitable for modeling (tool).
° detect and fix errors
° replace missing values
° transform variables, especially categorial to numerical
° transform distributions
° time-series processing
° (image preprocessing)
Contents of the course
• A look of experience into data mining
• A uniquely complete look into data
• Some fooling around with Matlab
• Discussion! Critique! Arguments!
To pass the course
Keep a presentation (30-45 minutes)
Attend the course
Home exercises
Practical exercise
• Introductory lecture on September 22nd
• First student presentation on September
• DL for exercises: January 16th
• Post-course lecture: January 19th
The book
• $40 + posting in
• group order?
• master copy available