ALOS Ground System Status

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- NASDA Agency Report Osamu Ochiai
CEOS/WGISS [email protected]
May 7-10, 2002
Future NASDA….
MEXT decided to unify 3 Japanese Space
organizations NASDA, NAL(National
Aerospace Laboratory in Japan), and
ISAS(Institute of Space and Astronautically
Science) to one agency in next few years
based on administrative reform ordered by
Prime Minister Koizumi.
New Japanese Space Agency will start at Jan.
2004 (TBS).
NASDA’s EO satellite schedule
MOS, JERS, ADEOS: no operation
TRMM: operation
Aqua (US satellite) /AMSR-E: Successfully
launched May 4th 2002 (run up phase)
ADEOS-II: launch Nov. 2002
ALOS: launch June 2004
GCOM-A1/B1: under study
GPM: under study
EarthCARE: under study
Access point :
Other related satellite schedule
DRTS-W (Data Relay Test Satellite – West): launch
Aug. 2002
IGS (Information Gathering Satellite) : launch two
satellites during 2003 (radar and optical satellite)
MTSAT: launch 2003/B
WEOS (Whale Ecology Observation Satellite System):
launch Nov. 2002
ETS-VIII (Engineering Test Satellite-VIII ): launch
WINDS (Wideband InterNetworking engineering test
and Demonstration Satellite): launch 2005
EO Activity status –Ground SystemADEOS-II and Aqua/AMSR-E ground system are ready
for operation.
Now in training and initial operation preparation
GLI250km, AMSR/AMSR-E, SeaWinds, DCS near real time I/F with
ILAS-2 I/F with MOE
NASA-NASDA Catalogue Interoperability Operation for ADEOS-II and
ALOS ground system is now manufacturing phase.
Complex observation and acquisition and those requirements
Huge data volume (1TB/day) archiving and distribution
ALOS Data Node (CNES/ESA, NOAA/ASF, Geoscience Australia)
concept/implementation are now discussing
Node Interoperability (Level0 data and Catalogue I/F) is investigating.
EO Activity status –R&DCIP status
Need to investigating how to implement
(CIP/ODBC, CIP-IMS translator etc)
Satellite data Web Map Client and WMS
prototype (JERS-1/SAR, ADEOS/AVNIR: High
resolution data)
(Japanese only…)
New data service investigation in 2002
ISO/TC211, OGC more deep consideration
Data Mining
Cluster Processing
Network QoS
EO Activity status –R&DWTF in 2002
• Frequently communication with CEOP/Tokyo Univ.
• Need to organizing project plan and start implementation.
• Communication with Tohoku Univ.
• Need to more discussion.
• NASDA-MAFF joint activity for Forest Monitoring Testbed.
• Plan to enhance Web Mapping Client, WMS and WFS.
• Outside Demo in Nov. Plenary demo??
Digital Asia
Study for project organizing with AIT (leader),
Chiba Univ. and Keio Univ.
Promoting GIS system in Asia
More ISO 9001/14001 enhanced in EO
Security (both data and network) policy
is very strict to access/open NASDA’s