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New Zealand Energy Developments Update
Clem Arlidge
Energy Policy Advisor
47th APEC EWG 19-23 May 2014
New Zealand Energy Developments Outline
Establishment of the New Zealand Smart Grid Forum
2014 Oil & Gas Exploration Block Offer
Renewable Electricity Generation
Bioenergy Developments
• Energy Efficiency Projects
• Energy Intensity & GDP
Establishment of the NZ Smart Grid Forum
• Government – Electricity Networks Association
• Provide a platform for dialogue between senior
representatives from across the industry, including
business, scientific and academic interests
• Objective: to advance the development of smart
electricity networks in New Zealand through
information sharing and dialogue, supported by
analysis and focused work-streams
2014 Oil & Gas Exploration Block Offer
• Oil is NZ’s 4th largest export
• $2.5 billion contribution to GDP
2014 Exploration permits awarded to:
• Statoil (Norway)
• Woodside Energy (Australia)
• Mont D’or Petroleum (Singapore)
• 37 wells drilled (two offshore) in
New Renewable Electricity Generation
Meridian Energy Mill Creek wind farm
• 26 turbines
• 60MW capacity
• Powering 30,000 homes
• 40-50% average operating capacity
(global average 30%)
• Due to be commissioned in Dec 2o14
Contact Energy Te Mihi geothermal
power station
• 166MW capacity
• Expected to reach full capacity in late
Electricity Generation Q4 2013
• 75% of electricity was
generated from renewables in
2013, up from 73% in 2012
• Electricity generation
greenhouse gas emissions for
the December 2013 quarter
were the lowest in 17 years
• 84% renewable generation in
the December 2013 quarter
Thermal Electricity Generation Q4 2013
• Electricity generated from coal in Q4
declined to 211 GWh, its lowest in
over 14 years.
• 62% lower than in the December
quarter 2012, and the lowest since
the March quarter 1999.
• Electricity generated from gas in Q4
2013 was the lowest in over 17 years.
Huntly coal and gas power station
Bioenergy Developments
Z Energy’s $21 million (NZD) biofuel
production plant
• Producing 20 million litres of
biodiesel annually
The Southland Renewable Heat Hub
• Heating for industrial processes and
commercial buildings
• Creating demand for 16,000 tonnes
of wood
• Offsetting 8,000 tonnes C02 per year
Energy Efficiency Projects
Four new energy efficiency programmes
• Efficiency and renewable energy use in the
meat and dairy sectors
• Fuel efficiency on New Zealand’s heavy vehicle
• Fuel efficient tyres information campaign
• Southland Renewable Heat hub
• Government will invest an additional $5.35
million over the next three years
Warm Up New Zealand Insulation Retrofits
• Over 250,000 homes retrofitted with
insulation to date
• Government investing $100 million over three
years and a further $50 million from project
• Reducing respiratory illnesses and diseases
such as asthma and rheumatic fever
Energy Intensity decoupled from GDP
Further Reading
Further Reading
NZ Energy Publications
Energy Efficiency & Conservation Authority (EECA) information
Thank You
Clem Arlidge
[email protected]