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Tell Me What I Want
First Period
 Listen
for detailed information
 Understand the coded
language of ads
 Carry out oral activities related
to ads
Pre-listening tasks:
vocabulary Matches
Advertisement, ad
Cheer up
Make happy
Like a kid in a
candy store
Window shopping
Like a child in a
place with lots of
good or appealing
Shopping without
spending any money
 Where
do people see or hear
the ads?
 What are some of the themes
that advertiser use?
 What do many ads suggest?
 Why do some people think that
advertising is a good thing?
Listening 1: An introduction to
 Q1
 Q2
 Q3
 Q4
Task: listen to the
passage and
choose the best
answer to each
question you hear.
Listening 2: the influence of ad
Task : listen to
the dialog twice
and fill in the
blanks with the
information you
Listening 2: the influence of
ad (keys)
1. Shoes
2. look funny
3. there is a lot of life 4. ad
5. give him extra spring
6. as much money
7. need extra spring
8. millions of dollars
the influence of ad
9. wearing those shoes 10. wear
11. for nothing
12. reach the top
13. because of
14. sth else
15. hard work, dedication
16. focus on his studies
17. forget
Listening 3: A radio advertisement
Task: listen to the passage
and answer questions
with your own words
Listening 3: A radio advertisement
1. What is the name of the store in the ad?
2. What products does the store sell?
3. What, according to the ad, can help you if
you are “low on cash”?
4. What service does the store provide if you
buy some major items?
5. Where is this store?
6. When is the store open?
A radio advertisement
Frontier furniture
All kind of appliances and furniture.
Everything you need for your home.
An easy rent-to-own plan.
Free delivery
Downtown two blocks east of city-hall
across from union square.
Open daily from 10:00 am to 9:30 pm.
Listening 4: Visual Ads
Why is the little girl’s mother angry?
Why is the man making angry gestures
while talking to the hairdresser?
What does the man want the hairdresser
to do?
What is the commercial for?
Advertising & Slogan
A. Intelligence everywhere.
B. Good to the last drop.
C. Obey your thirst.
Advertising & Slogan
D. No business too small,
no problem too big.
E. Feel the new space
F. Take time to indulge
What’s in a good slogan?
 What
other famous slogans
do you know?
 Discuss with your partner to
find out what characteristics
do all the slogans have?
What’s in a good slogan?
 Original
 Simple
 Memorable
 Including
a key benefit
 Differentiate the brand
 Arousing positive feelings for the
-- Inventors and scientists -- Cash if
make dream come true;
the insuranceman keeps
nightmares from
happening. (Fireman’s
Fund Insurance)
you die.
Cash if
you don’t.
a. coined words
--Everywear (Burton Men’s wear)
--Pure snacking. Pure snacktivity (KP peanuts)
b. puns in the slogan
--We’ll do the homework. (Bendix appliances)
-- Taste, not waist (Weight Watchers Frozen
Including a key benefit
-- If you want to go ahead, get a
hat. (Hat Council)
--The fun develops instantly.
-- If it’s on, it’s in. (Radio Times)
-- The best way to get music out
of your system. (Philips)
Differentiate the brand
-- Heineken refreshes the parts
other beers cannot reach.
(Heineken Beer)
-- A newspaper, not a snooze paper
(Mail on Sunday)
Arouse positive feelings for
the brand
-- Feel 95 point
great. (Capital
-- If smoking isn’t a
pleasure, why
bother? (Newport
Work in groups of four. Set up a company
and for your product, you are to work out
the promotion strategies. You must
1. Decide the target customers.
2. Design a poster with a slogan.
3. Create a radio or TV commercial for the
Thank You!