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Transcript Promotional Management -

-- An Overview
Asia-Pacific Marketing Federation
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Marketing Institute of Singapore
1. Introduction
2. Promotional Mix
3. Non-promotional Mix
4. Multidisciplinary Perspectives
Marketing Communication or Promotion is
the communication undertaken by a firm to
persuade/inform potential buyers to accept
ideas, concepts, or things
Communication function of marketing
Informs and influences attitudes and behavior
More visible and immediate of the P’s
Promotional Mix
Promotional Mix is the specific mix of
advertising, personal selling, sales
promotion, and public relations that a firm
uses to pursue its advertising and
marketing objectives
Promotional Management is the process
of co-ordinating the promotional mix
elements to develop a controlled and
integrated program for effective marketing
Elements of Promotion Mix
(a) Advertising
-- Impersonal
-- Mass communication
-- Paid
(b) Personal Selling
-- Personal
-- Individualized communication
-- Highly adaptive
(c) Sales Promotion
-- Consumer and Trade
-- Provide additional motivation to buy
(d) Public Relations
-- Nonsponsorship
-- Intent is to foster positive product/firm image
-- Dependent on others to take action
Multidisciplinary Perspectives
– What makes people:
pay attention to
– the ad?
(a) Positive Advertising-Product Quality
– -- A signal of quality for products whose
quality is costly to determine before use
– -- Positive relationship between
advertising level and product quality
(b) Negative Advertising-Product Quality
-- Firms with low quality products have higher
advertising levels to counter their relative
product disadvantage
Sociology & Anthropology
(a) Advertising is a Manipulative tool
-- No power over buying decisions
-- Motivation at subconscious level (e.g.,
subliminal advertising)
-- Use of emotional appeals (e.g., fear ads). No
more a rational consumer
-- Do things not for consumer’s best interest
(b) Change values
-- Materialistic, selfish, perpetually
-- Defines values that society should
(c) Promotes conformity
-- No individual self expression
(d) Disrespect for tradition
-- Wants something new
-- Reduce role of family
(e) Intrudes privacy
-- Bombarded everyday