Advertising Your Club 101

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Transcript Advertising Your Club 101

Branding Your Student
Organization 101
Presented by:
Ryan Anderson, OSA Student Organization Coordinator
[email protected]
Adina Vega, Preview and Other Events Coordinator
[email protected]
First, repeat after me: “My brand is not my logo.” Again: “My brand is not
my logo.” So what is your brand? It’s your promise. The promise you
make to everyone who comes in contact with your organization, letting
them know what to expect from you. Your promise never changes,
regardless of changes in the marketplace, or public perception, or
changes to your product lines, or a new service offering. The promise
remains at the core of your organization, and defines who you are. That
is your brand.
Who Do You Target?
Targeting the right group is vital
to your organization. If you are fraternity
you don’t advertise to females, right?
Make sure that you are inviting the
appropriate people to your
Easier said than done, I know, but it can
be done!
Where do I advertise?
Advertising on campus can be a tricky thing to do, especially
with all of the competition from other organizations and
getting your posters approved for posting. One of the
hardest things to figure out is where to hang up your
organization adverts.
Here’s some advice:
Think about what kind of students you want to be in your
club then think about where the majority of those
students attend class. Get your posters approved and then
hang them up in that building. If you feel there isn’t a
specific type of student you want to advertise to, hit all of
the buildings. Remember, repetition is key when it comes
to advertising!
When Should I Advertise?
It’s a good idea to advertise your
event(s) about two weeks before it
happens and remember that the more
advertising you do, the better.
Don’t be afraid to try something other
than 8 x 11 fliers- break out of the
mold and think about balloons, chalk,
The Howl, the Internet, et cetera.
Good Ads vs. Bad Ads
While it’s true that there is an art to making good advertisements, the
basic principle to remember when making your organization ads is to
include the 5 W’s:
Don’t make your ad too busy, get them approved, and be sure to include
as many campus buildings as possible.
Make it flashy, be honest, don’t be afraid to take a few risks and don’t
limit yourself to only advertising on campus, and remember that school
buses are yellow for a reason.
These days, your brand has to be genuine, and well articulated. The people
inside your organization –at all levels – have to understand it and agree
with it and most importantly, live it. So how does this happen? It
happens through what we call the “organizational brand.”
So what does that mean? It means that you approach your brand from a
business perspective. If your brand is recognized as being at the core of
your business, it will permeate all areas of the organization, and
naturally extend beyond the bricks-and-mortar.
It will affect the way you do your business development (and by extension,
your marketing and advertising); the way you operate your company;
even the way you plan for your future. Because you are operating based
on your core promise, it will be apparent in every interaction, whether it
be with employees, vendors, customers, potential job candidates, or the
general public. The people will believe, and you will succeed. We wish
you and your organization the best of luck and remind you to ask for
help if you ever need it.