Thinking Before You Are Drinking

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Transcript Thinking Before You Are Drinking

Thinking Before You Are
► What does this videos message convey?
► How does this message speak about
alcohols affect on motivation?
► How does this video speak on the affects of
alcohol as a gateway drug?
What Is Alcohol
► What
is alcohol? A colorless flammable
derivative of a fermentation process
► Beer- Beverage made from fermenting
barley, corn, hops or wheat
► Wine- Alcoholic beverage made from
fermenting fruits, grapes
► Liquor – Alcoholic drink created through
distillation process
► Fermentation-
The chemical process using
yeast, sugar and water to create alcohol and
carbon dioxide
► Distillation- fermented mixtures to make a
highly potent alcoholic drink
► Proof- amount of alcohol in a liquor
► The % alcohol in a liquor is multiplied by 2
to get the proof.
How Fast
½ Ounce of alcohol = 1 drink
► 12oz Beer
► 4-5 ounces of wine
► One 1 ounce shot of liquor
► The body can only process one drink per
= Blood alcohol concentration or
amount of alcohol in someone's blood
► Binge Drinking- Consuming 4 or more
drinks in one 2 hour period
► Ohio = .08 DUI
► Ohio = .02 for under the age of 21
► Commercial = .04
Know the Facts
What affects your BAC
Amount consumed = 4 or more drinks in 2 hour period =
binge drinking
► Any more than 1 Drink can raise BAC
► Speed/Time = The faster you drink the higher the BAC
► Body weight= Lighter = drunker
► Percentage of body fat- fat does not absorb alcohol as fast
as lean body tissue leaving it in blood stream
► More Fat = Higher BAC after one drink
► Bigger = More body mass = more fluid = longer to get
► Gender-Females tend to have higher Body Fat which
means higher BAC. Less Dehydrogenase
BAC.05 = Reasoning judgment are impaired
► BAC .08-.01 = Self control, muscular coordination,
reaction time highly impaired
► BAC .12 = Confused disoriented
► BAC .20 Emotions are unpredictable
► BAC .30 = People will have little or no control of
minds and body
► BAC .40 = People are likely to be unconscious
Journal Entry
► Watch video of Mouse 1 and record actions
► Watch video of Mouse 2
► Differences = Inhibitions
► Inhibition = A voluntary or involuntary restraint on
the direct expression of an instinct
► Partners group 4
How Could Weakened Inhibition
Circle Chart
► Family
► Relationship
with friends
► Relationship with significant other
► School
► What else?
How It Affects Your Mind
► Make
incorrect decisions
► False sense of confidence
► Feelings of invincibility
► Give in to negative peer pressure
► Intensify sexual feelings
► Slows reaction time
► Aggressive behaviors
► Intensifies emotions
What Affects BAC
► Feelings
► Drugs
= Decrease blood water volume or increase
speed of absorption
► Age = Elderly people have lower blood volume as
well as lower water volume leaving less volume
and thicker blood viscosity
► Carbonation = Tend to be absorbed faster
► Food eaten= Breads and grains soak up alcohol
and prevent it from being absorbed as quickly as
other foods.
Severe Dehydration
Absorption of Alcohol
► 20%
rapidly absorbed into bloodstream
► 75 % through upper part of the small
intestine and the rest enters further along in
the intestinal tract.
► Metabolism of alcohol is in the liver.
► 2-10% is not metabolized but is excreted
through the sweat glands, lungs and
Long Term Physical Affects.
► Brain:
disrupts parts of brain responsible
for memory and problem solving…unlike
many other kinds of cells, brain cells do
NOT grow back
► Heart: damages heart muscle, causing it to
weaken and enlarge which leads to high BP.
Increasing risk of congestive heart failure
and stroke
► Regular
daily intake of large amounts
► Regular heavy drinking limited to weekends
► Long periods of sobriety interspersed with
periods of binge drinking lasting weeks or
► Heavy drinking limited to periods of stress
1 Decision Can Be Your Last