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2nd International
Hybrid Marine Propulsion Conference
12 November 2012 | Amsterdam RAI
Media Partner
Hybrid control systems
Triskel Marine Ltd
Established 2003
Manage, analyse and control complex marine data
Will Godfrey
Electronics hardware design
Embedded software development
Triskel Marine Ltd,, [email protected]
Hybrid components
● Power supply
● Parallel hybrid diesel/electric machine
● Existing boat data
● Communication and translation
● Energy management unit
● Human friendly interface
● Monitoring system
Triskel Marine Ltd,, [email protected]
Data from silent components
● Power sources, tank levels etc.
● No native language
● Data for energy management algorithms
● V² sensors for voltage and temperature
● E² sensors for current, voltage and temperature
● SoC, iBC, Ah and boat energy flows
● Addressable switches provide power control
● The Triskel ARGO bus
Triskel Marine Ltd, , [email protected]
The engine language
● J1939 CAN bus and the ECU
● Valuable source of data
● Temperature
● Shaft RPM, direction and derived torque
● Fuel consumption
● Engine mode status
● Error conditions
Triskel Marine Ltd [email protected]
The engine data
● Translation using the C² interpreter
● “Re-gen” control (RPM and torque)
● Load efficiency control (RPM and fuel)
● Accurate fuel tank level and costs (fuel)
● Interpreting status and error codes
● Autonomously act on critical data
● Cooling pumps and engine room fans
Triskel Marine Ltd [email protected]
The boat language
● Listening to existing equipment and sensors
● Universal translator
● NMEA2000
● NMEA0183
● Seatalk, Mastervolt and PC applications
● Individual components
● RS232/422, USB, CAN, current loop, pulses
Triskel Marine Ltd [email protected]
The boat data
● Navigation details and voyage waypoints
● GPS location, time, CoG, SoG
● Wind, temperature, rain, humidity, pressure
● Sea temperature, current speed, depth
● Autopilot
Triskel Marine Ltd [email protected]
Energy management module
● Jason (EMM)
● Common format data on the ARGO bus
● Part of an agnostic modular design ethos
● Charging decisions
● Enhances efficiency
● Automation where possible
● Warnings, advice, alarms and safety
● Human interface
Triskel Marine Ltd [email protected]
Charging the batteries
● Lead instead of Lithium are you mad?
● TPPL technology
● Bulk charge: Generator, shore supply
● The finishing charge issue
● Equalisation/conditioning charge
● Battery health
Triskel Marine Ltd [email protected]
Controlling efficiency
● Improving engine efficiency
● Low speeds for electric propulsion
● Lower total fuel usage
● Bulk charging loading control
● Predicting events from the data
● Intelligent source selection
● Regeneration
Triskel Marine Ltd [email protected]
Talking to humans
● Jason’s window to the world
● Boat wide data in a neat interface
● Real time data display becomes a tool
● Customise the system with options
● Provide advice, warnings and alarms
● Control remote switches from anywhere
● Web browser based
● Use on a tablet, PC, phone any web device
Triskel Marine Ltd [email protected]
Watchdog remote monitor
● Monitor the boat data remotely
● Mobile network or Iridium as telemetry
● Very low power to allow 24/7 operation
● Uses any web enabled device
● Anywhere in the world (or pub)
● Secure access
● Control remote switches from anywhere
● Set limit alarms via email or SMS
Triskel Marine Ltd [email protected]
Watchdog for the user
● Over winter monitor
● Check battery health and boat position
● Check weather/sea conditions at the boat
● Start up devices remotely (heating)
● Friends and family voyage tracker
● Burglar alarm
● Data can be updated in near real time
● Or you can be alerted to a preset event
Triskel Marine Ltd [email protected]
Watchdog for business
● Chartered fleet monitor
● Boat builder customer service
● Monitor live boat data remotely
● Provides a two way diagnostic tool
● Access to historic logged data
● Remote fault diagnostics
● Fix problems without sending an engineer
● Damage tracking using an accelerometer
● Be alerted to a problem before the user
Triskel Marine Ltd [email protected]
Hybrid control systems
Thank you for listening and not making fun of my tie
Will Godfrey, Triskel Marine Ltd
Triskel Marine Ltd,, [email protected]