Windmill Generator Project

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Windmill Generator Project
Tyler Bowland
Travis Childress
Stephen Fly
Andrew Hinson
• Build from scratch a wind-powered generator
• Generate enough current to power a LED
(approximately 1.5 V 25 mA)
• Spend less than $40
• Create a report explaining construction and
cataloguing the building process
Fan Blade
Electromagnetic Wire
Blade Spindle
Bearings & Balancing Hardware
Supporting Base
Plexi glass holding cage
Why Does It Work?
Placing magnets correctly oriented on a rotating shaft
inside a coil of wire creates a usable electromagnetic field.
• Magnetic Flux & Ohm’s Law Equations
Flux  (MagneticField)(Area)(Cos)
Voltage  I()
Team R&D – Trial and Error
Blade size and material type
Magnet orientation
Wire placement
Support design
Run times
Correcting for low power output
Preserving continuity across several wires
Output & Efficiency
Testing methods
Proximity of wire to magnets
Wind speed required to generate power
Average resistance of 1222 Ohms – when
generating 4.4V and 36 mA
• Final power output maintained a maximum of
4.4 Volts and 36 mA
• This amount blew the bulb quickly
• Early trials and planning allowed for thorough
testing and completion of objectives by the