How to turn on a Fluorimeter

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Transcript How to turn on a Fluorimeter

By: Elizabeth Campbell
 Fluorescence
is a useful tool for chemists to
determine what wavelength of light a
compound emits.
 A Fluorescence Spectrometer (or
Fluorimeter) is not a simple instrument and
has a specific order in which different
aspects must be turned on.
 This process description will aid the user in
this order, and will address any problems
that may be encountered.
 This
process description is intended for
chemists with some basic instrument
knowledge, along with basic knowledge
of gas cylinder usage and necessary lab
safety precautions.
• Remove the stainless steel probe
and fill the tank with liquid
• Then, replace the stainless steel
probe securely in the opening of
the tank.
Steel Probe
A. Turn Xe900 lamp power
switch ON
C. Monitor
current and
voltage: current
should be 24
amps and voltage
should be around
14 volts.
B. You will see light turn
• PROBLEM: Lamp fails
to turn on
• What you will see: The
FAULT light will be lit in
red on the front of the
lamp control box.
• SOLUTION: Simply turn off the lamp, wait approximately 15
seconds, and flip the switch back on again.
A. First check the gauges on the gas cylinder
to ensure there is gas in the tank. If not, the
tank must be exchanged for a new one.
B. Turn on the Nitrogen
gas so that the needle is
just above zero
(corresponding to
approximately 0.2 bar).
A. Turn ON the Photocool system using
the switch located on the back of the box.
B. You must wait until the current
temperature (the top reading)
reaches the target temperature
(the bottom reading set at
-80°C). It may take up to an hour
for the temperature of the
system to reach the target and to
stabilize at that temperature.
Photocool system cools too quickly and current
temperature goes below -80°C
 How
you will know:
The system will begin beeping very loudly
Turn off Photocool system for 30 seconds and
then turn back on. This will allow the system to
regain equilibrium.
A. Once the target
temperature has been
reached, first turn ON
main power switch (a)
followed by pressing
the red power button
(b) to the ON position.
B. SLOWLY increase the
voltage to -1600V using
(c). DO NOT GO
Turn on the spectrometer
using the ON/OFF switch
on the front shown here
Next, begin the
F900 program
located on the
desktop of the
 Now, all that is left is
to lift the lid of the
spectrometer, insert
a sample contained
in a quartz cuvette
into the sample
compartment, and
begin your
Sample Compartment