Back-UPS ES Overview

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Transcript Back-UPS ES Overview

Power-Saving Back-UPS RS
Product Design Benefits (230v, IEC320 & localized outlets)
LCD Display (on all powersaving Pro models)
Mute Button
Data Line Surge Protection
Silences audible alarm
Protects connected equipment from power
surges on network and telephone lines
-Current power source (battery or utility)
- Load (watts, % of capacity)
- Output voltage, frequency
- Number of power events
- Estimated runtime
- Input voltage
- and more
Data port
Enables management of the UPS via
a USB or serial communications
“Surge Only” Outlets
(including “Controlled by
Master” outlets)
Protects printers, fax machines or other
equipment from surges without reducing
battery capacity. “Controlled” outlets
automatically turn off unused peripherals to
save electricity.
Automatic Voltage
Regulation (including
power-saving “AVR
Instantly corrects low and high
voltages, allowing you to work
without discharging the battery,
prolonging battery life.
Back-UPS Pro
APC by Schneider Electric – Name – Date
Battery Powered + Surge
Protected Outlets (including 1
“Master” outlet)
Resettable Circuit Breaker
Enables quick recovery from overloads
Keeps a CPU, monitor and other datasensitive devices running when the power
goes out
Back-UPS RS vs. “old” RS
Main differences:
1. Upgraded LCD Displays: All Pro models have LCD
displays. Only a few RS models had LCD displays
2. Boost AVR: All Pro models have BOTH “boost” and “trim”.
While all RS models had “boost”, only some had “trim”.
3. Up-To-Date Styling: All Pro models have a consistent
“look and style” (ID).
4. Power-saving AVR Bypass: All Pro models have AVR
bypass, which saves power during normal operation. No RS
models had this feature.
5. Power-saving Master/Controlled Outlets”: All Pro
models have power saving “Master and Controlled” outlets.
No RS models had this feature.
Back-UPS Pro
APC by Schneider Electric – Name – Date