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Ethical Considerations for
Vehicle Automation Systems
J. Christian Gerdes
Professor of Mechanical Engineering and, by courtesy, of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Director, Revs Program at Stanford and Center for Automotive Research at Stanford
What should the car do?
Workshop at Stanford University, June 5 2015
Professor Patrick Lin
California Polytechnic University
Ethics is a process, not a module
Professor Shannon Vallor
Santa Clara University
Professor John Sullins
Sonoma State University
Are we programming ethical decisions or ethically programming?
Break the law?
Wait all day?
Obey the speed limit?
Even when merging?
1st Person versus 3rd Person Ethics
Professor Debra Satz
Stanford University
Professor Erin MacDonald
Mechanical Engineering
Stanford University
Traffic is a social dance
Lessons from other disciplines
Dr. Noah Goodall
Virginia Center for Transportation
Innovation and Research
Professor Mykel Kochenderfer
Aeronautics and Astronautics
Stanford University
Philosophers and Engineers Working Together!
 Map
philosophical concepts to programming constructs
– Deontological ethics to constraints
– Consequentialism to cost functions
 Can
balance objectives using a model predictive control framework
– But what weights do we use?
 Moral
laws modeled analogously to physical laws
– A parallel suggested by Immanuel Kant
Where Can I Find More?
Chapters by conference alumni including:
Eva Fraedrich
Thomas Gasser
Chris Gerdes
Barbara Lenz
Patrick Lin
Bryant Walker Smith
Stephen Wu
About 25% in English, full translation coming
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