Code of Conduct

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Transcript Code of Conduct

Law of Armed Conflict
International Law:
Law of Armed Conflict
Fundamental Principles
Only those acts of war which will likely
produce some military advantage
May not cause more harm, pain, destruction
of enemy than is necessary to defeat it
Dishonorable means or conduct is forbidden
Specific Rules
for Conduct of Hostilities
Examples of Prohibited Weapons
Lances with barbed heads
 Glass-filled projectiles
 Poison/poison gas
 Dumb-dumb bullets
Refusal of Quarter
Use of treachery
Specific Rules (cont’d)
Rights of occupying army
Right to govern
 Can change the penal law for security of its
 Can punish acts of espionage, sabotage,
and guerrilla activity
Specific Rules (cont’d)
Must be provided free food, clothing,
shelter, and medical care
 Medical personnel & chaplains must be
released (unless they are needed to minister
to their fellow prisoners
 May be forced to do agricultural and
domestic (as long as they don’t serve a
military purpose)
Specific Rules (cont’d)
Temporary Custody - If holding them
temporarily for military purposes, they
must be treated humanely
 If accidentally injured - excusable if in the
course of destroying a military target (if
risk of injury is proportional to the military
Enforcement of
Laws of Armed Conflict
Public Opinion
 Payment Of Reparations
 Diplomatic Action
 Humanitarian Intervention
 Reprisal
 Reciprocity
 Criminal Liability
What Would You Do
If You Were In The
Following Situations?
As a future Air Force
officer, you must
exercise strong moral,
ethical, and legal