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Living Under the Reign of God:
Gospel, Church & Culture in a Postmodern Context
Baptist Bible College
December 2004
The London Eye
Parliament, Big Ben, Westminster
The Enlightenment: 17th to the
Middle of the 20th Century
1. Immanence takes precedence over
2. Light of reason dethroned the church
as the source of authority…
3. Revolution in philosophy - Bacon,
Descartes, Kant…
4. Revolution in science - Aristotle
overturned, Copernicus, Galileo,
1. Era of conquest and control
2. Age of the machine
3. Age of reason/analysis
4. Age of secular science – process
and progress
5. Aspired for absolute of objectivity
Age of critical evaluation
Modern nation-state organization
Age of individualism/autonomy
Age of Protestantism institutional
10. Age of capitalism/consumerism
Early Nineteen Sixties to the Present
1. Universe Not Self-Contained *
2. No Basis for Morality and Values
3. Progress Not Inevitable *
4. No Basis for Truth *
5. Language of Public Debate Lost *
6. Meaning of Written Texts Lost
7. Limited Autonomy/Process
Multiculturalism - Pluralism
1. Diversity - Tower of Babel to the final
rebellion under the lawless man...
2. Tolerance - aspect of common grace that
renders community/society possible…
3. Postmodern - rejection of standards to
make truth judgments about culture,
religion, values...
Crisis in America’s Worldview
1. The Death of Modernity – the death of
the positive dynamic of the
Enlightenment has been in process
since the mid 1960ies
2. The Rise of Postmodernity – the impact
of the new worldview taking over the
soul of America
3. The Present Crisis of Terrorism & Moral
Impact of Terrorism & Multiculturalism
1. September 11 – optimism lost
2. War in Iraq – circa 1,271 dead
3. San Francisco – circa 4,000 same sex
4. Debate in Massachusetts, New York,
Oregon –same sex marriage
5. Mayor Daily of Chicago, Mayor
Bloomberg of New York
6. Gay Episcopal Bishop
1. Multiculturalism - new agenda, social
2. Globalization - every culture has its
story…no overarching story to bind all
the cultural stories together…
3. Mass Media - agenda of the media
4. University - ensconced at all levels...
5. Political Arena - agenda for education...
Living Under the Reign of God:
Gospel, Church & Culture in a Postmodern Context
The End Session One