Plant Life Cycles

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Transcript Plant Life Cycles

• Seed- A lima bean plant’s
life cycle starts with the
planting of a seed.
• Instead of growing inside a
fruit, lima bean seeds grow
inside a long, curved pod.
• Each seed, or bean, is flat
and round.
• The bean has two identical
• Between them is a tiny
plant, or embryo.
• In order to grow, the seed
has to be planted and
• The water causes the
small plant inside the
bean to grow or
• Germination occurs when
the tiny plant uses the
food in the bean to grow.
• The hard shell around the
lima bean bursts open and
a root starts to grow
downward from the bean
into the ground.
• Slowly, the bean is
lifted above the ground
and a stem appears on
the lima bean plant.
• Its roots help to anchor
the plant to the ground.
• After several days,
leaves appear on the
stem and grow towards
the sunlight.
• The plant becomes a
• The leaves conduct
photosynthesis, giving the
plant more food to grow.
• Over time, the new plant
becomes mature.
• It then produces buds at its
growing tips.
• These buds eventually
open into flowers on the
• Bees and other flying
insects rub pollen (a
powdery substance) on the
insides of the flowers of
the plant.
• Lima pods with seeds
begin to grow soon
• The ripe pods spring
open and “shoot” the
seeds out and away
from the parent plant.
• If the seed fall to the
ground, each may grow
into a new plant.
• Then the cycle begins
• Have you ever eaten a
• It looks like a little red
ball with white, crunchy
• Radishes were first
developed in China.
• The part that people
usually eat are the root.
• Like lima beans, radish
plants go through a life
cycle of several stages.
• A lima bean plant
starts as a tiny seed.
• Like lima beans,
radish seeds actually
grow in a pod.
• The seeds fall to the
• A radish seed may
germinate very quickly
after it is planted.
• It pushes a root
downward into the
• The root also pushes the
seed upward as it grows
• Part of it becomes the
• Next, the stem begins
to grow leaves.
The first leaves are
small, but the leaves
grow longer and
broader as the plant
continues to grow.
• It usually takes about 30
to 40 days for a radish
plant to go from a seed
to an adult plant.
• As the plant matures, its
main root also grows
• The root grows round
and darker in color.
• The adult plant also
has flowers.
• A radish can only
produce if its flowers
are rubbed with pollen
from another radish
• Bees and other flying
insects often bring the
pollen from one plant
to another.
• Just like animals, plants have life cycles.
• Life Cycle of a Lima Bean. The lima bean plant
provides a good example of a typical plant life
– SEED- The organism starts off as a seed.
– GERMINATION- The seed begins to grow.
– SEEDLING-The bean is lifting above the ground. The
first leaves start to appear.
– ADULT PLANT- The flowers of the adult plant will
produce seeds.
• Life cycle of a radish is similar.