Photosynthesis - Ms. Benson Earth Science

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Transcript Photosynthesis - Ms. Benson Earth Science

Science Starter
• Grab a Environmental Science Book
• Read pages 36-37
• The government has decided to cut down all
of the trees along a local highway route.
Using what you have read, write a letter to
your local congressman about the
advantages of having plants around and
how they contribute to our environment.
• When you are finished, put the book back
and sit silently. No music.
• Photosynthesis is the process of making
food by plants
• The essential ingredients in making this
food are sunlight, the chlorophyll that is
present in green plants, water and
carbon dioxide in the air.
Water is taken in through the roots of the
plant and transported to the leaves by
the xylem (tubes that carry water) in the
Carbon dioxide
animals breathe out
from the air goes
into the leaves
through the tiny
pores called
stomata and is
spreads to the cells
that contain
chlorophyll in the
inside layer of the
Sunlight is used to break down the water
in the plant into oxygen which the plant
gives off and we use to breathe.
Photosynthesis is necessary not just for
plants to make food for themselves, but
for animals, including us eventually.