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Energy Transformations
& Photosynthesis
Most energy
transformations can be
traced back to the sun:
the original source of
energy for life on earth.
A process by which
plants turn the
radiant energy of
sunlight into
chemical energy in
the form of sugars
Radiant energy from
the sun enters the
ecosystem at the
producer level.
Why this happens:
First, leaves take in
carbon dioxide
(CO2) from the air
through their
stomata (pores
found in leaves) and
take in water (H20)
through their roots.
Why this happens:
Second, Plants absorb
light (radiant energy)
by a green pigment
called chlorophyll in
organelles called
chloroplasts, the site
for photosynthesis.
Why this happens:
Finally, Glucose a
form of chemical
energy (C6H12O6) is
created and stored for
the plant to use as food
and Oxygen is
produced and released
(O2) through their
Components of Photosynthesis
Carbon Dioxide and Water are the reactants in the
reaction. They are the substances actually
Glucose and Oxygen are the products of the
reaction. They are the substances actually
6 CO2 + 6 H20 + Light  C6H12O6 + 6 O2
Sunlight is fuel that drives the entire reaction.
Without light, photosynthesis cannot take place.
Exit Ticket
Where does the
original source of
energy for life on
earth come from?
a. Water
b. Wind
c. Sun
d. Plants
When plants make
glucose, they are
converting the sun’s
radiant energy:
a. Into ATP
b. Into chemical
energy that can be
c. In a process known
as cellular
d. Into chlorophyll