Plant Respiration and Photosynthesis

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Transcript Plant Respiration and Photosynthesis

Lesson 14
All plants and animals need energy for cells
to do their job. Animals get energy form the
food that they eat. Plants can make their own
In plants, making food and releasing energy
from food are connected.
During photosynthesis, plants make their
own food.
During Respiration, food is changed into
energy that is released. Both plants and
animals use respiration.
Photosynthesis and respiration both involve
the exchange of gases.
Respiration is the process of breaking down a
sugar called Glucose to get energy that cells
can use. Plants and animals need oxygen to
release the energy in glucose. As cells use
glucose, it breaks down to make carbon
dioxide and water. The carbon dioxide is
released into the air. Some of the water is
released as a gas called water vapour.
Glucose +Oxygen Carbon dioxide +water+ energy
C6 H12O6 + O2  CO2 + H2O + energy
Animals exchange oxygen and carbon
dioxide in the lungs.
Plants exchange the gases through their
leaves. Stomata are tiny openings on the
bottom surface of the leaf. These small holes
open and close to allow water vapour and
other gases to pass.
Place these statements in the correct order.
(Number 1-4 in the correct order)
As it gets used, glucose breaks down to make carbon dioxide and water
Plants need oxygen to release the energy in glucose
Carbon dioxide and water vapour is released into the air
During respiration, glucose is broken down into energy that cells can
Plants make their own food. The food they
make is called glucose, which is produced by
photosynthesis. During this process, the
chloroplasts in the leaves of green plants
capture energy from sunlight.
The plant takes in water
and carbon dioxide and
uses energy from sunlight
to make glucose. Oxygen
is also produced in this
process. The oxygen is
released from the leaves
into the air.
Carbon dioxide + Water +Energy  Glucose
CO2 + H2O+ Energy  C6 H12O6 + O2
Any food that is not needed right away for
energy is stored for later use. The glucose is
stored in the form of starch
What does a plant need to make glucose?
____________ , ______________and
What does photosynthesis produce?
Use the diagram to find out how respiration
and photosynthesis work together to help
plants survive
The plant needs to make its own food.
Photosynthesis produces glucose and stores
The plant needs to use the stored energy for
respiration. Respiration breaks down glucose
and releases energy. The plant uses this
energy to grow and do its work.