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 The Doll Festival or as it is
called in Japan,
‘Hinamatsuri’ is a festival
held on the 3rd of March.
• Fact
The Doll's Festival is not a
national holiday. Boy's
Festival was designated as
common Children's Day in
Japan. Until it was
designated to be Boys
Festival. Some day, both Girl's
Festival ( Hinamatsuri) and
Boy's Festival may become
national holidays.
 The
HinaMatsuri is to
pray for girls’ health
& growth.
 It applies to girls that
are seven years &
 The custom of displaying
dolls began during the
Heian period which was
about 1200 years ago.
Originally, people
believed that dolls
possessed the power to
contain bad sprits.
Hinamatsuri traces its
origins back to an ancient
Japanese custom called
Nagashi-bina, in which
straw Hina dolls are set
afloat on a boat and sent
down a river to the sea,
supposedly taking
troubles or bad sprits with
 Nagashi-bina
 At the festival, the
families hold a party. At
the party, they serve
Amazake, a sweet nonalcoholic sake, and
Hishimochi, a threecoloured rice cake. The
colors of Hishimochi are
pink, white and green,
which represent, arrival
of spring by plum flowers,
melting snow, and green
leaves. Mostly, they have
 The dolls wear costumes from
the Heian period (794-1192).
They are all placed on a stand
with a few platforms, covered
in red felt.
On the top tier is the Emperor &
The second tier has three ladies
in waiting.
The third has five male
The fourth has ministers sitting
on either side of the food tray.
& Finally the fifth has guards on
it with an orange tree to the
left & a cherry tree to the right.
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