The Photographer In Me

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Transcript The Photographer In Me

The Photographer In Me
- Garrett Mosher
Five Best Photos
Picture 1
Picture 1 Critique
• This picture is of my Air Max 95 Sunsets, which is one of my favorite
shoes. It was taken in the Howard Street parking lot.
• This picture uses selective focus. There’s nothing striking in the
foreground or background, but there’s a bright shoe in the middle that
catches the eye. The shoe is also very contrasted to its dull
• I took this picture with a Fujifilm Finepix S1000 fd.
• Something I Would change in this photo is the background. I like the
fact that it’s not eye catching, but I wish I would have moved closer to
the wall and would have only had the white wall as the background.
• When I edited this picture on Photoshop I cropped out some of my leg
and the background, I took the brightness down a little, and made the
contrast a little higher, and changed the vibrancy to make the shoe
stand out even more.
• The mood for this picture was a happy one. It was a warm sunny day
and I was wearing a great pair of retro shoes, so I was in a good
Picture 2
Picture 2 Critique
• This photo is a close up of some small leaves on a bush outside of the
Rose Auditorium.
• This picture has selective focus, and uses lighting to emphasize certain
aspects of the picture. It selectively focuses on the leaf in the middle
with the dew on it. The background and foreground is slightly out of
focus so it emphasizes the middle leaf. This picture also uses lighting to
make that middle leaf stand out. It’s brighter than the other leaves which
makes it stand out, and the drops of dew also draw some attention.
• I used a Fujifilm Finepix JV to take this picture.
• If I could change one thing about this picture I would blur the
surrounding leaves to make the one with dew drops on it stand out even
• On Photoshop I cropped out a few leaves that were only halfway in the
frame, I changed the brightness to make the lighting stand out more, and
spot healed a brown spot on one of the leaves.
• The mood for this picture was to show spring was here.
Picture 3
Picture 3 Critique
• This picture was about spring and was taken under the tree behind
the football field’s visitor bleachers.
• This picture follows the rule of thirds, has leading lines, and grouping.
The pink flowers are the main subject of the picture and since they’re
spread out across the frame this picture follows the rule of thirds. The
long grass works as leading lines because they go in the direction of
the pink flowers, and the stems of the flowers work as leading lines
too. This photo also has grouping. The pink flowers are extremely
similar and in a group. The grass could also be considered grouping.
• I took this picture with a Fujifilm Finepix S1000 fd.
• One thing I wish I did that would improve this picture is that I should
have put the camera in close-up mode. That probably would have
made this shot better.
• On Photoshop I adjusted the brightness and contrast to make the
colors is this picture stand out even more.
• The mood for this picture is joyful because it was the beginning of
spring and the good weather was starting to come!
Picture 4
Picture 4 Critique
• This picture was taken by the football field for one of our
portrait assignments.
• This picture uses natural lighting, and follows the rule of
thirds. Ellie is the main focus of the picture and she’s not in
the middle of the frame.
• I took this picture with a Fujifilm Finepix S1000 fd.
• Something I wish I could change about this picture is the
lighting. It was a really bright day and the picture is a little
too light. I wish I would have adjusted the brightness to
make it a little darker.
• The only edits I made on Photoshop with this picture was
cropping and spot healing parts of the fence that were
• Ellie is smiling in this picture so I would say it’s a happy
Picture 5
Picture 5 Critique
• This picture is of flower petals that had fallen between
branches of a tree outside of Howard Street,
• This picture was taken outside, so it uses natural lighting.
The lighting also emphasized the flowers because they’re
lighter than the tree. This picture has grouping with the
flower petals. The dullness and darkness of the tree really
makes the flower petals stand out.
• I used a Fujifilm Finepix JV to take this picture.
• Something that could improve with this picture is the angle
that I took it at. I don’t think the angle is bad, but I think if I
took it from higher up it would look better.
• The edits I made to this on Photoshop were: Changed
brightness and contrast, cropped out wasted parts of the
frame, and I adjusted vibrancy to make the pink flowers
stand out more.
• The mood for this picture was happy because the weather
was starting to get better.