Transcript Pigs

By: Emily Ullom
~ Kingdom: Animalia
~ Phylum: Chordata
~ Class: Mammalia
~ Order: Artiodactyla
~ Family: Suidae
~ Scientific name: Sus Scrofa Scrofa
~ The pigs body shape is oval but the tail is really
curly and a pig has 4 legs and 1 snout.
~ And the pigs skin color is usually pink but some
are gray and other colors
~ The length and height is 50-120cm
Colorings and markings
~ Some pigs have markings but some don’t the kind
of markings some pigs have is dots circles and
other markings.
~ The pig coloring is usually pink but sometimes
there are a lot of colors that people see and some
see blue and red and other colors.
Where pigs live
~ Pigs live everywhere
~ They live on farms in wildlife and a lot of other
really cool places where a lot of pigs live.
What pigs eat
~ Pigs are omnivores so they eat plant and meat.
~ They like to eat grass and wild animals to eat
~ Fruit, flowers, roots, leaves, corn, soybean, and
some vitamins because it is a diet for them.
Family life
~ An average number of babies pigs have is 9.
~ The mom pigs are pregnant for exactly 3 months, 3
weeks, and 3 days.
Care for the babies
~ The mom helps feed the babies and gives them
milk and helps them survive.
~ Most pigs live in farms but that is because those
are farm pigs other wild life pigs live in forests and
they will try anything to protect the baby pigs.
Social behavior
~ A lot of times pig love to play in the mud like roll
into it. They also love to get attention from people.
Mood of a pig
~ Pig are mostly happy but some times when it wants
its mom and it is far away from her they are really
sad and want her really bad and some times they
get really mad when they are hungry.
Characteristics and history and life
~ Pigs are always happy but sometimes they aren't if
they are hungry or want to play.
~ Pigs naturally like to live in forests, especially
where there are oak trees that makes acorns,
because pigs like to eat acorns.
~ Life span is 25 years
Social status
~ Pigs can be aggressive but not to mom pigs or any
Present status
~ Not all pigs are endangered. Some species are
such as the Red River Hog, but many are not.
Relationship to humans
~ pigs love humans I all are loving and so cute they
wouldn’t hurt a person. So if you want one you
should go get one.