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Abby and the bear
By Ella Ferrari
One sunny Fall day Abby went into her back yard to water her
flowers. Her flowers were red roses, yellow sunflowers and
lilacs then suddenly there were two bears. There was a mama
bear and a papa bear. The mama bear was tall and brown and
the papa bear tall and black. But Abby did not no how to get
out of the garden.
Abby was really scared. But she found a way to get out of the
garden she would just go around the tree. Then she went
around the big tree but then the bears spied Abby then she froze
like a statue. she still could not get out of the garden. Abby did
not no what to do. But then Abby thought that maybe if she ran
behind each tree then she can get back into her house. and
that’s just what she did.
Abby stepped cautiously and quietly around each tree but each
step Abby took the leaves would make a crunching noise but
the bears did not noticed because they were to busy playing
with each other so Abby walked fast and she got back into her
house Abby was excited that she got back into her house. Then
when Abby's mom came home Abby told her mom all about the
bears Abby’s mom was surprised. Abby had fun with the bears.