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By. Kourtney cooper
My biome is the tundra. It is at the top of
the world near the north pole. Below
a thin layer of tundra soil it its
permafrost, a permanently layer of
frozen ground. During the brief
summers, the top of the section of
the soil may thaw out just long
enough to allow plants and
microorganisms to grow and
Polar bear!
Polar bear are mammals the live in the
Atlantic ocean. They are carnivores.
They eat large fish and small fish
and birds and leaves and berries.
Polar bears have a creamy-white
coat. Polar bears are fast and outrun
a caribou in a short distance. Polar
.A little of 1 to 4 young is born after
a gestation of about 9 months, After
the young polar bear are born the
stay with there mothers.
Growing on the surface of this rock is
a lichen. Lichens are unusual
organisms that often grow on
exposed rock surfaces. They are
composed of a fungus and an algae
living and growing together. There
are several varieties of lichen, and in
the autumn lichen turn various
Lichen is the favorite food of caribou
and musk oxen.
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