A new museum of Energy in Denmark

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Transcript A new museum of Energy in Denmark

A new museum of
Energy in Denmark
Jytte Thorndahl
curator and vice director of the
Danish Museum of Electricity,
Climate and environment
Increasing CO
Strategy and aim
Mission: higher quality life
World of Energy visions:
International tourist attraction
 Innovative centre of knowledge,
learning and experience for everyone
 Multifaceted centre of exhibitions and
 National centre for knowledge and
display of energy
Focus and collection policy:
Heating water by sun as part of exam at the museum
First graders doing the generator dance
Making a water wheel, putting it close to a fall…
Can we produce electricity….
Remember how it worked……
Dr. High Voltage and Dr. Hydrogen competing…
Dr. Hydrogen makes 10 balloons fit into a small box
Performing the play ’Climate News or The last Polar bear’
The clowns wanted to save the polar bear…
’Inplugged braces’ – winter holidays 2009
Breakfast in 1969
Morning 2009
Ice an volcanoes summer 2009