Marijuana: Liberator of Sin

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Transcript Marijuana: Liberator of Sin

Marijuana: Liberator of Sin
K Farwell, PhD, RN, CARN-AP
2737 BC
Chinese emperor Shen Nung
refers to Cannabis as
“Liberator of Sin”
What do you think that means?
• Cannabis sativa: Originated in Asia;
grows worldwide; primarily used for
its fibers from which hemp rope is
• Cannabis indica: Grown for
psychoactive resins
• Cannabis ruderalis: Grown primarily in
• Hashish: in purest form is
pure resin removed from
surface of leaves and stems
• Ganja: dried flowering
tops of female plants
• Sinsemilla: high grade (
Potency) marijuana taken
from flowers. Literally
means “without seeds”. (712% THC)
• THC:
tetrahydrocannaibinol, the
primary psychoactive
agent in marijuana
• Hash oil: plants boiled in
alcohol, then solids filtered
out, and liquid evaporated
down to thick, dark
substance, “red oil of
cannabis” (50% THC as
compared to 2-5% THC
normal potency level for
Early History
• 1000 AD: Social use in
Muslim world and North
• Mentioned by Marco Polo
• Frequently referred to in
“The Arabian Nights”
• Napoleon ordered French
soldiers in his Egyptian
campaign not to indulge in
• Alexander Dumas:
described use of hashish in
“The Count of Monte
• 1931: US Bureau of
Narcotics’ file on
marijuana was less than
two inches thick
More Recent History
• 1935: 36 states had laws
regulating use, sale, &/or
• 1937: Marijuana Tax Act.
Blocked access by taxing
grower, distributor, seller
and buyer
• Bureau of Narcotics
prepared uniform law
adopted by many states
naming C. sativa’s leafy
material illegal.
• State laws made
possession and use illegal
• 1980: NIDA household
survey documented
marijuana use popularity
peaked in U.S.
• 1990’s:  use of
marijuana by young
Causes for Concern
• Panic reactions: usually
related to fear of loss of
control and that things
won’t return to normal.
More common in those
with less use experience.
• Chronic lung exposure:
carcinogen benzopyrene
found in greater amounts
in marijuana than in
• Reproductive:
↓ testosterone with ↓ sperm
• Amotivational Syndrome:
diminished motivation
Possible Consequences of Marijuana
• Heavy use over several
weeks may lead to
withdrawal when use is
• Symptoms of withdrawal
are: nervousness, tremor,
restlessness, and insomnia
• High doses may lead to
hallucinations and violent
• Most frequent adverse
reactions to marijuana are
anxiety, panic, and
paranoid states lasting 2-4
• Treatment consists of
reassurance and support
in a low-stimuli
How the Body Processes Marijuana
• About ½ of inhaled
• THC readily passes
THC is absorbed
through placental
barrier to the fetus
• THC is fat soluble, and
is metabolized in the
• One dose of THC can
take up to 30 days to
be excreted from the
• THC is excreted in
feces and urine
In Summary, Marijuana….
Increases heart rate & reddens eyes
Has some sedative properties
Has some analgesic properties (pain killing)
At high dosages can cause hallucinations
Recreational use can impair memory
Is used to treat glaucoma, reduce nausea
caused by chemotherapy in cancer pts., &
increase appetite in AIDS patients
Hope junkie:
I bought a gram of hope;
Chopped half up into lines,
I blew some up my nose but
The emptiness did not subside,
So I mixed the rest with baking soda
And cooked it into rocks,
I loaded up my freebase pipe,
Added flame and watched them pop,
I exhale the sweet smoke and
Up! Up! with a rush of optimism, I soar!
But I'm down fifteen minutes later
Left broke and fiending more;
So I scrounge a small bag of purer
Cook up my shot in a spoon,
I pierce my skin, draw-back, push in
And euphoric faith penetrates the
gloomOf my lost and lonely soul
Desperately battling the monkey,
That dwells on the back and drains
the life
Of this dispirited hope junkie.
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