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SOL 6.3 and 6.6
Earth’s Energy Budget
• 30% reflected back into space
• 70% absorbed by atmosphere, clouds, land,
and oceans
• Ultraviolet radiant energy is changed to
infrared on earth and then radiated back into
Earth’s Energy Budget
Energy Transfers
• Radiation brings all of
the energy to the Earth
from the sun
• Convection currents
redistribute the energy
throughout the
atmosphere and the
Currents in the
Atmosphere and Oceans
• It is currents that
redistribute the energy
all over the planet that
comes from the sun.
The average mean
temperature is fairly
warm because of these
Cloud Formation
• Water evaporates into vapor, it then rises
into the atmosphere. It is much cooler in
the upper troposphere so the water vapor
condenses forming clouds
Types of Clouds
Weather Causes
• Weather is caused by the unequal heating of
the Earth’s surface.
• Warm air rises and cool air sinks
• Warm air is high pressure and cold air is
low pressure
• Low pressure causes some of the worst
weather on Earth
• The Earth’s atmosphere is 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen,
and the rest trace gases including; argon, carbon
dioxide, and water vapor
Air Pressure
• Air pressure is the amount of air pushing
down on us
• It is measured by a barometer
• Low pressure means lousy weather
• High pressure means fair weather
• Increase in altitude decrease in air pressure
• Humidity is the amount of water vapor in the air
• The more humid the air is the more uncomfortable
you feel
• 100% humidity is fog
• It is measured with a psychrometer or
• Dew point is the temperature at which the air
becomes 100% humid
Atmospheric Layers
• There are 4 layers of the atmosphere
• Each is based on temperature
• Troposphere is where we live, all weather takes
place, and clouds are found
• Stratosphere is where the jet stream and the
ozone layer is found
• Mesosphere is the coldest and stops most
meteorites (burn up)
• Thermosphere is the top layer, it is divided into
the ionosphere (northern lights) and the exosphere
Why Protect the Air?
Weather Maps
Weather Symbols
Isobars-connect areas of equal pressure
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