The Treaty of Versailles-KSU

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Transcript The Treaty of Versailles-KSU

The Treaty of Versailles
By: Colin McCarty and Daniel
Essential Question:
• How did the Treaty of Versailles effect the
Lesson Objective
The students will discover the effect of the
Treaty of Versailles on the world.
Activity – Sign the Treaty!
• Four groups; Great Britain, France, United
States of America, and Germany (can use Italy
if need be).
• Draw up terms to the treaty that everyone can
agree upon in your respective countries.
• Send delegates forward to discuss and agree.
What actually happened…
The Players
• The Allies
Great Britain
United States of America
• Central Powers
– Germany (not invited to
treaty drafting)
Here’s what went down…
• France and Great Britain wanted large
concessions for damage done during the war.
o France wanted Germany dismembered altogether
while Great Britain wanted to avoid later war…
• The United States wanted the League of Nations
created. Germany could not join till 1926
• All the Allies agreed that Germany should pay large
reparations for the war, be held ultimately responsible,
and give back conquered territories and then some
parts of Germany to Allied nations.
o Germany paid back war debts in 2010.
Germany not happy…
List of Grievances
• Germany in 1924 and 1929 agreed to pay
reparations under the Dawes Plan and the Young
Plan, but were none to happy about it.
• The resulting economic depression resulted in an
inability to pay reparations in 1932.
– Superinflation, millions of Marks were not enough to
buy a loaf of bread.
Germans felt betrayed, minimized, taken advantaged
of, and completely underrepresented in the meetings
of Versailles.
This would set the stage for another world conflict at
the head of a cruel tyrant…
Two Separate Wars?
Exit Ticket
• What is one thing that you would have
changed about the treaty of Versailles?