Psychology/Spinrad Three

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Transcript Psychology/Spinrad Three

Three-Box Model of Memory
Organization of long-term
• By semantic category
• By sound of words—evidence from “tip of
the tongue states”
Contents of long-term memory
• Procedural memories—knowing how
• Declarative memories—knowing that
– Semantic memories—internal representations
of the world, independent of context
– Episodic memories—representations of
personally experienced events
Spinrad procedural memory
Semantic memory
Episodic memory
Serial position effect—primacy
and recency effects
Provides evidence for the existence of
short-term and long-term memories
Primacy effect
Tendency to remember items that
occur early in a list, due to transfer of
items to LTM
Recency effect
Tendency to remember items that
occur near the end of a list, due to
items still in STM at time of recall
It’s a competitive world, so when
is the best time to present—first,
last, or middle?
Remember… and beat the