Some Items for online

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Transcript Some Items for online

Some Items for online
• Implement Streaming
• Trigger Examine (and have available online recent releases, say P11)
• Run Quality Recording
– Bits on each event (Terry Wyatt) rather than sep database
• Each subdetector has a switch they can set to good, bad, questionable during
run; avoids HAVING to make run boundaries if something dicey (HV)
– This was Opal practice, though on shorter stores
– Selection directly on data, no secondary databases
– Concern: will you know quickly enough
– Database?
• L2 info into dbase (slics, even DSPs)?
• Code to extract!!! (no write-only memories)
• Who is doing run summary? (what is its data source)
– Mechanism to check correctness of trigger bits rates (during, after run)
– Extraction of info (trendlines…) (no write only memories, please!)
• SES/alarms
– Hook up L2 error logger (Laurens, mostly); is L3 hooked up?
– Halt on HV trip!
– Maybe Low Voltage Power Supply alarm for L2? (can talk to Goeff)
• Throughput measurements/ queuing model
Other issues
• Scripts—lots of problems
– Support of Simulations, and even moreso, off-site
– Tools for updating, copying scripts without re-entry
– Bit locking for bit comparison
• Side-step by always starting Global run first
– Control of L2 test stand
• Similar synchronization issues, especially for Global
– Trigger names
• Access to them
• definition
• Recording and event selection by names
– At L1, L2, and L3