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Your knowledge of Washington
DC being the capital of the US
is an example of __________
The part of the brain
responsible for emotion is the
The capacity for short-term
memory is ______ items and
about as much info as you can
rehearse in 2 seconds.
The inability to distinguish
what you originally
experienced from what you
heard or were told about an
event later is called
The 3 basic memory processes
are Encoding, _____, and
The ability to name Snow
White’s seven dwarves on
demand without being shown
any hints or clues is known as
The method of remembering
that involves breaking down
complex information into
smaller, more meaningful bits is
called ______.
September 11, 2001 is an
example of a _________ for
many of us.
The type of long-term memory
that stores more specific,
personal facts and info. is called
__________ is a remembering
strategy that includes the use of
a verse or formula.
Memory cannot be compared to
a video camera or giant filing
cabinet because it is a _______
When Mr. Keiper pretended that
a 9th grader had stolen his
camera, many of his students
_________ the description of
the perpetrator.
After being shown pictures of
Disney characters, Jim is able
to remember the names of all
the characters in The Jungle
Book. This demonstrates ____.
Another name for short-term
memory is _____________.
The inability to remember the
middle part of a list is part of the
_____________ effect.
For information to be transferred
from the sensory registers to
short-term memory, what must
Another name for intentional
memories are ____________
The following phone number, 1800-Get Rich, is an example of
what kind of remembering
The part of memory that is
basically permanent and
corresponds to everything we
After being shown a Bugs Bunny
cartoon, vacationers in Disney
Land claimed they had seen Bugs
walking around the park. This
erroneous presentation of
information is called ________.
The part of the brain
responsible for memory is the
The linking of new information in
Short-Term Memory to familiar
material stored in Long-Term
Memory is called
Deliberate, subconscious
forgetting to avoid hurtful
memories is known as
Another name for rote rehearsal
is ______________.
Mr. Keiper’s “misremembrance”
of his surfing adventure is an
example of ________.
Knowing something but not
being able to recall it
immediately is known as
Provide one instance in which
eyewitness testimony is most
vulnerable to mistakes
When new memories prevent
old info. from being stored,
_______________ has taken
How are episodic memories
different from flashbulb
Another name for “working”
memory is _____________.
Provide at least one reason why
implicit memory is valuable
When trying to improve your
memory, the more
____________ the connections
you make with the content, the
easier it will be to remember