What minerals in trident gum make your mouth clean?

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Transcript What minerals in trident gum make your mouth clean?

By: Julia And Keely
Gum Base
Natural Artificial flavoring
Blue 1
Red 40
Soy lecithin
Yellow 5
Yellow 6
Are ALLin gum
Found in fruit
 Large amounts can lead to abdominal pain
 Is manufactured from sugars and starches
 Non
 Non nutritive
 Will not dissolve in water
 What makes gum chewable
 100%
 Found in many fruits and vegetables
 Used in toothpaste, mouthwash and mints
 It only has 5 carbon atoms instead of 6 like
Sorbitol and Aspartame
 Tastes like sugar
YOUR MOUTH by fighting bacteria
 You
should avoid any type of artificial
 Can cause allergic reactions
 They may affect RNA, thyroids, and enzymes
 There are many types of Natural and
Artificial flavorings so you do not know which
one is actually in the product (Some can be
VERY bad for you)
 Also
known as Mannite or manna sugar
 Is a sugar alcohol
 Is produced by bacteria, yeasts, fungi, algae,
lichens, and plants.
 Used to treat Glaucoma for animals
 Oily
 Made from petroleum
 Keeps things from getting to dry
 Used in many skin creams, medicines,
shampoo, and much soap.
 Used
as a Sugar substitute
 200 times sweeter than table sugar
 Can break down into Amino Acids under high
temperatures or altitude
 In many types of sugars
 Made
from chemicals
 Freshens breath
 Many factories have removed this ingredient
from their food products because of it’s high
chemical balance
 Found
in candy, soda, dairy products, and
baked products
 Triggers allergic reactions to people with
 Can
be negatively affect kids’ metabolism
 Made from Beetles called Cochineal
 Imported from Central and South America
 Can
make children hyperactive
 Health affects- asthma, hives, headaches,
skin rash
 Affects metabolism
 Causes
migraines, headaches, vomiting, and
swelling of skin.
 Looks like a orangish-red
 Comes
from Soy Beans
 Flexible and versatile
 Good source of Choline which is essential to
every living cell in your body.
The healthiest ingredient in Trident gum is Xylitol
because it does not affect you negetively