Transcript Mitten Crab

Mitten Crab
Jacob Martell
• Can grow up to 30cms.
• Females carry 250,000 to 1 million eggs until
• They have dense patches of hairs on the whitetipped claws, hence the name mitten crab.
• They are omnivores, eating both plants and
• They originate out of the waters of China and
Arrival to Canada
• The mitten crabs arrived to Canada in
• The way that it came to Canada is
Where Abouts
• The Mitten crab has been seen in the St.
Lawrence river but also has been found in
Lake Erie.
Ecosystem Before
• The ecosystem before mitten crabs was
like any other ecosystem, same species
and same habitat.
Ecosystem After
• The ecosystem after mitten crabs came is
different. They now have lost some
species as the crabs are killing them. They
also have a lot more erosion due to the
face that they are burrowing in the
• Problems that Mitten crabs are causing
are that they are killing out native species.
• They also create colonies and burrow
under river banks which causes them to
Addressing the Problem
• Ways that people are addressing the
problem of mitten crabs are…
• fishing them, so they can kill them.
• Putting a bounty on them.
• Adding more predators of the mitten crab.