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Transcript Beverley Hills HS Ppt - Study Is My Buddy 2015

Habitats and
By Raquel S
Define: A Threatened Habitat and
An Endangered Species
• A threatened habitat is a type of
environment, where a particular animal lives,
which is in danger of extinction in the future.
• An endangered species is a group of animals
that are in danger of being ‘wiped out’ from
the world very soon.
Define: Extinction
Extinction is when something no longer
exists. There is absolutely no more of a
particular species or ‘thing’ in our world, as
it has been completely wiped out.
Endangered Animal 1:
China’s Panda
- Thick black and white fur
- Diet consists of umbrella and arrow-type bamboo.
- Largest pandas grow to be as large as 115 kg!
- Lives in broadleaf and coniferous forests. Its location is
mainly China.
-Habitat is lost and made into roads and railroads.
-Exploitation of its food source, bamboo.
Endangered Animal 2:
The Arctic’s Polar Bears
Description and Habitat
-White, creamy-yellow and light brown-coloured fur
-Males weigh up to 2,000 pounds and can be up to 10 feet
-The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has
- Lives in the Arctic region, on sea ice, islands and
created education and research
continental coastlines. They live near the sea ice.
programs, wildlife refuges, foreign
treaties and action against the drilling of
locations near the polar bear territory
-Prohibitation of built environments
being created near the polar bear’s
-Global warming
- Breeding almost being done at local
-Industrial Disturbances
Endangered Animal 3:
African White Rhino
Description and Habitat
- Diet consists of short grass.
-Colours of the animal can range from yellow brown to slate
-Lengths can go up to 150-85 cm at the shoulder.
-Females weight about 1,400 to 1,700 kg. Males weigh about -H
2,000 to 3,600 kg.
- Live in woodlands that have plenty of grass and water.
-Loss of habitat
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