Normal Force

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Monday, 10/27/14
1) According to your definition of
the word wall word “normal”,
what is a “normal” force?
2) What is the normal force that
the floor exerts on a 50 kg
object? Assume the floor is
perfectly level.
Word Wall
11) Perpendicular (adj) – meeting
at right angles
Example: The walls of this room
are perpendicular to each other.
Normal Force (notes)
Normal Force: The force a
surface exerts back on an
• Always perpendicular to the
Calculating Normal Force
For each of the objects listed, calculate the
normal force if they were placed on a
level surface.
a) Small Weight
b) Medium Weight
c) Large Weight
d) A lab stool
e) A Physics Book
f) A pencil
g) A composition book
h) A graphing calculator
i) A chair (the blue student chairs)
j) You
Newton’s Third Law (notes)
Newton’s Third Law Questions and
1) Wilbur asks Mr. Ed, the talking
horse, to pull a cart. Mr. Ed replies
that he would like to, but the laws of
nature just won’t allow it. According
to Newton’s 3rd law, he says, if he
pulls on the wagon it pulls back on
him with an equal force. Clearly,
then, the net force is zero and the
wagon will stay put. How should
Wilbur answer the clever horse?
Newton’s Third Law Questions and
2) Your small car breaks in the middle
of the road. A kindly truck driver
agrees to use his large truck to push
your car down the road at a constant
velocity. Which is greater, the force
of the truck on your car, or the force
of your car on the truck? Justify your
Would your answer change if the
truck caused your car to accelerate?
Why or why not?
Monday, 10/27/14 (Enrichment)
1) Will your bridge pass? In other
words, will it hold a kilogram?
Why or why not?