the olympic games

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Transcript the olympic games

The Olympic games take place every
four years in a major city. Next
Olympic Games will take place where?
18,000 male and female
athletes from 52 countries competed in 26
different events at the London Olympics.
All of the 18,000 athletes have one
To win Olympic gold
But the Olympic Games have not
always been like this…
The Olympic games started 2,700
years ago (776 BC) in a place called
Olympia in Greece.
Only one country took part and that
was Greece. People from all the main
states of Greece travelled from miles
around to compete.
The states of Greece were usually at
war against each other, but for the
month when the games took place
everyone agreed there would be
peace, and no fighting.
The games were held in honour of
Zeus, King of the Gods.
An Olympic torch was lit and taken to every
state in Greece before being carried to the
Olympic opening ceremony.
The torch remained lit until the games
were completed.
The flame represents light, spirit,
knowledge and life.
The first games had just one event,
a sprint from one end of the
stadium to the other.
And yes, competitors were completely naked!
Boxing, Wrestling, Javelin and Discus
soon joined the Ancient Greek Olympic
Winners received a green wreath,
enjoyed free meals, married rich
women and had the best seats at the
About 50,000 people could camp and
sit in the stadium; it was very hot and
very crowded.
Jugglers and acrobats performed.
The games ended with a great feast.
Women were not allowed to watch the
Olympics, and any woman caught watching
would be punished.
Greek women had their own games called
Heraia held in honour of Hera, Zeus’ wife.
Only Spartan women really liked sports.
Cheats today have their medals taken off them
and are banned, but in the Ancient Greek games
a cheat had a statue built of them and they went
on cheaters row.
Cheats would be so ashamed that they would
have to run away from Greece forever.
Taking part are the 4 main Greek
Sparta – Fire – Spartans win at all costs!
Athens – Water – You hate horrible Sparta.
Argos – Earth – Just prove you are a big state.
Corinth – Air – Help Argos to beat the vain
Athenians and violent Spartans.
There were 4 Ancient Greek events
(No, NOT wrestling!)
1. Sprinting
2. The Marathon
3. Javelin
4. Shot Putt
Before the Games begin today, your first
task is to design a poster for the
Marcellin 2014 Olympic Games
Bonus points are up for grabs for the best
Good luck to all competitors and
remember a healthy body gives
you a healthy mind.