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It is important for a student to
learn particular values if he is to
be a good Filipino citizen
because according to Panopio
and Rolda (2000, 54), “Values
indicate the moral imperatives,
and social conscience or social
control, internalized by the
individual members of the
society. They direct people on
what should or shouldn’t be
done, what is good or bad, and
what, why and how to choose.”
Many sociologists and public
servants are alarmed by the
drastic degradation of Filipino
values and they realize that
something must be done restore
these lost values to their former
The Moral Recovery Program of
Sen. Letecia Ramos-Shahani is
one big step to help address this
problem. This may entail
remarkable changes especially
in the youth, who is the hope of
our motherland.
Respect and Reverence
A good citizen acts respectfully
towards his fellowmen because
it is by giving respect to others
that we are respected.
The Golden Rule, “do unto
others what you want others to
do unto you”, is a universally
accepted statement that reflects
the value of respect.
By giving respect, we
demonstrate that we are
humans with proper breeding
and etiquette.
To whom and how do we
show respect?
Respect to our parents and
- the use of “po” and “opo”
- the gesture of kissing the
hand of elders to show
Respect towards women,
elders and superiors
- there are still some men who
offer their seats to women,
elderly in public transport.
- the use of Ate, Kuya, Nanay,
Tatay, Manong, Manang among
- show respect to our superiors
by addressing them using
Mister, Miss and Mrs.
Respect for your neighbors
- this refers to the kind of
respect we give our fellowmen
in general.
- it entails sensibility and
sensitivity to the feelings of
- it is important that you
consider that you are not alone
in this world, and that your
actions may directly or indirectly
affect your fellowmen.
Respect for people in
authority – despite the negative
issues that we hear about some
officials in our government, we
must not lose our respect for
them since they have been
entrusted by the people to
ensure the welfare of the
country. After all, we cannot
generalize that all government
officials are irresponsible since
there are still some officials who
sincerely serve the people.